Dr. Anthony Dickinson

Dr. Anthony Dickinson
Senior Academic & Clinical Consultant

Anthony (Tony) R. Dickinson is an academic neuroscientist and scientific advisor at the Beijing Genomics Institute. He is also a Chartered Psychologists and Scientist (British Psychological Society & The Science Council in U.K. respectively) and former Visiting Research Fellow to the McDonnell Centre for Higher Brain Function at Washington University School of Medicine. Dickinson specializes in brain development and incremental intelligence training, listed in various Who’s Who publications since the 1980s, for his work as an educator, and his invention and development of the first four-way implantable brain cannular implant device. Dickinson is also the designer of ‘e@Leader’ the world’s first online edutainment system to incorporate real-time autoregulatory psychometrics for the enhancement of student intelligence.

Dr. Dickinson為英國心理學會(British Psychological Society) 註冊心理學家,註冊科學家 (The Science Council in U.K.),曾于美國華盛頓大學醫學系(Washington University School of Medicine) —榮獲 U.S. News & World Report ratings (2004) 評選為全美排名第二位的最佳醫學系—擔任客座教授,並在大學之研究中心 McDonnell Centre for Higher Brain Function 從事研究工作。


  • C.Psychol., AFBPsS (BPS, UK), C.Sci.,Dip.Neurosci., Ph.D.
  • Chartered Psychologist (C. Psychol)
    BPS (UK), License 39455
  • Chartered Scientist (C. Sci)
    British Science Council, License BPS/118/039455
  • AFBPsS (Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society)BPS(UK)
  • AFHKPS (Associate Fellow of the Hong Kong Psychological Society)HKPS
  • Professor of Developmental Psychology and Neuroscience, Washington University Schl Medicine/University of Edinburgh